Hi there! I’m Jess, and welcome to Travel by Grain, a site dedicated to travel tips and experiences captured mostly on photographic film.

I want to say thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and sharing my passion for traveling and photography!

I am a Georgia girl; I’ve lived here all my life. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History Education. I have a busy schedule, but I always try to carve out time to travel. I’ve gone to some incredible places in the past few years, but I am new to learning photography, especially film photography.  

My other passions are roasting coffee and anything cat-related. I am a cat lady at heart and have six spoiled kitties. Other than traveling, there is nothing better than sitting on my screened-in porch with my cats, a book, and a good cup of coffee!

I currently shoot my images with my Canon E0S-1N, affectionately named “Neko.” While most of my pictures here are on film, I am learning to shoot digitally.

My favorite film stock? I lean towards Kodak Portra 400, but I love experimenting with different available film.

My favorite place that I’ve traveled to so far? I’ve enjoyed visiting many places and experiencing different cultures, but I would say Paris and Canada if I had to choose!

I share many stories here, but if you are looking for more pictures, please visit my Instagram @travelbygrain!

Cheers to exploring more travel destinations!

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